Losing weight is a life long task for many people. Over weight may pose health concerns. One can get weight control tips from everyone else. But it is hard to decide which one to believe. A strategy works well for others may not work for you at all. There are numerous products are available in the market. Again, it is a question of which one to trust.

A weight control expert will tell you that this is a simple math equation: at the opposite ends of the equation stays plus and minus. At the plus end, it is the amount of calorie we take from food; at the minus end, it is the amount of calorie we need to burn out to meet the needs from our daily living activities. When the equation is balanced, one has a stable weight. An imbalance of the equation will cause a weight change. Therefore, the solution is very simple: increase physical activities to burn out extra calories; modify eating habits to reduce calorie input to our body; combine these two actions to get a better result.

In the reality, we face problems to this equation. Two siblings who eat and act similarly could have totally different body shapes; the same person lives by a stable lifestyle could go through a phase of rapid weight gain for no apparent reason; someone can lose weight so easily, while others have a hard time to lose even an ounce. The worst of all are the ones who only see a continuous weight gain regardless the effort they put in to balance the equation. In addition, If one has a health problem such as diabetes, weight control becomes a much more challenging task. The answer to these problems: everyone is born differently. Each one of us has specific hurdles to overcome.