Chronic fatigue


People with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) complain of severe, continued tiredness for longer than 6 months. Simple bed rest does not relieve such tiredness. People with chronic fatigue may also suffer from flu like symptoms, including sore throat, muscle aches and headache. More than often, the symptoms cannot be explained by medical test results. And there are no specific tests to confirm the diagnosis of CFS.

Some theories suggest CFS may be due to some virus infection, or due to inflammation in the nervous system.

CFS can happen in any age group. Besides the symptoms listed above, some may have trouble in focus and concentrating, as well as have none refreshed sleep,

We encourage people with CFS to maintain active social lives. Mild physical exercise may also be helpful.

Tips to CFS sufferers:

   Listen to you own body, and void doing too much activities

   To space out daily living activities by short breaks

   Divide big tasks into smaller, easier manageable ones

   Do not be easily discouraged by the symptoms

TCM treatment may combine herbal medicine, acupuncture, modified diet and exercise guidance. Treatment

plan is tailored to fit with individual's special needs.